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We are Edilverde Costruzioni srl, a modern construction company in line with the needs of the market: agile, dynamic, with a medium-high target and wide use of cutting-edge technologies and materials. Over a distance of 45 years, our experience and professionalism made our company the leader in quality across the Emilia area.
We operate in the evolved socio-economic context, we are open to innovations and cooperation between the most dynamic and qualified companies and professional firms.
Our reference criterion is to build consciously, while looking at environmental sustainability and the well-being of the inhabitants.
The idea is to build houses where technology comes to rescue the environment.
The company was founded by Rosvaldo Roncarati and became a leader in the Cento and Ferrara area with Romano Roncarati, who created ecological project Edilverde Costruzioni in 1996, with the mission of offering a solution capable of meeting customer needs with the opportunities of ecological construction. In the following years company developed one of the most competitive offers in the area.
In 2015 Michele Roncarati became the owner of the company and in 2017 he launched the SUSTAINABLE HOME + HYBRID CAR project, with Lexus and Toyota at the price of the house..
The Wellivingreen project starts in 2019 thanks to which Michele Roncarati launches the Sustainable House + Electric Car + Column project with partners Tesla and Nissan for the first time in Europe.

Nowadays Edilverde Costruzioni srl is engaged in Italy and abroad with projects related to construction of hotels and tourist facilities, characterized by an idea of "gentle" penetration into the nature and landscape context and above all specified by usage of state-of-the art construction technologies and avant-garde materials for achieving an optimal mix of elegance, comfort, commercial appeal, but also healthiness, energy saving, rigorous attention to safety regulations, starting with anti-seismic ones.
Edilverde has become recognizable and took roots in the Ferrara area, and it looks to the future with the awareness of being able to play its role in the construction market: not surprisingly, the property has decided to support Edilverde with a new company, WLG srl, which has the safe function of high value added patents registered by the entrepreneur.
One of such patents is the “Navicella” , which accumulates in a shared space charging columns, stand-alone photovoltaic panels and panels intended for viewing multimedia content including advertising, news and much more.
We are the future. Choose WLG!